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Wow, too bad. One of the great biking assets to the Internet.


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Damn, I came across his site when try to fix some old stuff, he will be missed...


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I believe he had been ill for a while. He was a very rare person in the cycling world.

Deal with him'd think he was a loon. Sooner or later you'd go back because you realized he really knew his stuff. I was on his site just a few days ago.


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I last saw him in October and you could see that his health was slipping.

We was in a scooter and unable to walk.

This guy will be missed.

There is no bike shop guy who hasn't learned something from this man.



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He was a great guy and truly a great asset to our sport. I have read more than a few of his how-to articles. RIP


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I printed his page on how to build wheels years ago when I was curious and wanted to give it a shot. I've done close to 20 wheel builds since and I keep that same print-out in my workshop and refer to it each time I start to lace a wheel up.

I hope he's riding some rare and funky old bike on some cool terrain wherever he is now. RIP.
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