Shark River Park, Neptune NJ.


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I don't see it listed, but I just thought I'd let you folks know about it if you don't already (such hubris of me, huh? :eek: ).

It's right off GSP Exit 100 in Neptune. The park is not very big, and the trails can be done in about an hour or less, or of course you can just keep going around. It is a pretty nice woodsy area. I encountered very few people.

The Green trail is pretty flat and is really a fitness and pedestrian trail. I found myself on it encountering pedestrians, but I didn't get yelled at.

The Blue trail is moderate, with root steps, sand, single track, ups and downs. Pretty good for a beginner.

I was curious (you what what that did to the cat) about the Black Diamond is definitely a challenge for a beginner. Fairly steep uphills and downhills, twisting root steps and some genuine cliffhangers if you misstep... much like the Blue trail upgraded. Being the beginning wuss I am, some of the uphills and downhills got an "Aw hell no!" :scared: from me and I walked them. :eek:

But I plugged along for about an hour and definitely got a workout.


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Probably b/c it is in the South Jersey section instead of the Central Jersey section. Considering that it is a Monmouth County Park it probably should be in the latter. :hmmm:
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