Shark in the Snow!

Allamuchy Joe

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Man, it was beautiful out there. Virgin snow to plow through at Kittatinny. Had to take the "Mud Shark" out today. Although, today she should be called the Snow Shark. :D

I was surprised how fun it was to ride in the snow today. The snow was powdery and it was a workout to plow through. I'm glad I rode the SS -- it was so quiet and I only had to be concerned with pedaling. Awesome!

Anyone else get out today?

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I didn't do the needle, as there seemed to be some hunters out there (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it). I came down the switchback from the lake area.

Climbing was harder than normal because it was a little slippery (and lots more drag because of the snow). Great fun and quite a workout, though. The 29er handled very well and this is part of the reason why I wanted a 29er SS -- for winter riding.
nice pics! looks like they got a good amount of snow up there. We really didnt get anything around union county. Barely covered the grass last night, and mostly gone now.
Great pics Joe, what tires and what gearing are you using?

Thanks. I am using a 32:20 29er gearing. That is about the same as 32:18 on a 26er bike.

The tires are 29 inch WTB Exiwolves. They handled the powder snow surprisingly well.
nice pics joe! i was wondering who the owner of the other exiwolfs was. i followed your tracks for a bit. really fun conditions. like floating down the trail.
the last thing i said to my wife today before she walked out the door to A-C was 'wow, what a great day this would be for a ride!' she was not amused. but looks like it was! great pics!
i can't put i on my computer since if my wife sees anything but my girls, she'll think i really have issues. so i put it on my phone!


Do you use regular Mountain bike tires in the snow or do you have special tires to help prevent slipping?

Do you use regular Mountain bike tires in the snow or do you have special tires to help prevent slipping?

Yep, Exiwolf tires -- they came standard on my Monocog 29er. The snow was not that slippery because it was so cold the night before & that day that the snow was powder.

I just had to get out there when I saw how pretty it was. That was around noon on Saturday 2/3. The sun was shining & the snow was still on the branches in Kittatinny. Beat the hell out of riding the trainer that day.
I rode my trainer last night, I will be downloading the pic's of the inside of my garage soon.

Does anybody have experience with studded tires?
This topic came up once before. I *think* the general concensus was that studded tires were only necessary in icy conditions/frozen lake riding, and Nokian makes a good tire. A higher volume tire (2.35 plus) with lower air pressure was reccomended.

Again, I *think* the exception to this was Anrothar, who felt that even on a lake, a studded tire was not necessary because the tire rubber gets more rigid in the cold, which increases traction.
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In reference to the above..., let's see,HORSESHIT!! Snow on the ground, stud up................IMHFO, let's see,HORSESHIT!! Snow on the ground, stud up................IMHFO

Didn't need studs on Saturday -- the snow was great out there and traction was not bad. If the snow is compacted, deep or it is icy, then studs would be good.

But, one of the unintended consequences of studs is that they pick up leaves from under the snow which get jammed in that nook between your tire & bike frame. I hate that sound! :getsome:
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