SHAME on Subaru!!!!


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With all the well-deserved and very valid talk about avoiding trails during the spring thaw...did anyone catch the back-page full-page advert by Subaru in the latest issue of Mountain Bike? (April) It's a picture of the tail end of a mud-splattered Subaru, with a rider's mud-caked legs hanging off the back,a muddy rear bike tire in the foreground, with a god-AWFUL muddy road/trail in the background, and a tag line that reads (I'm not making this up)

"Cars and bikes united by a mutual love of mud."

WTH????? THIS, from a company that sponsors the Trail Care Crew???? Adding insult to injury, they even include the IMBA logo in the ad? Unbelievable!!!!

I hear ya Greg, and agree. I wonder if IMBA will take this up with them. It doesnt speak well of Mountain Bike mag either to run it...


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The more I drive my basic a$s Defender the more I love it. I can't talk on the phone in it, because I can't hear the person talking not to mention I need to shift the gearbox. No ABS, so I have to think about exactly what I'm doing when driving in the snow or rain. I hear everything and I can tell what it's doing and going on. But when the sun's out, temps are mild and the top is off, there is nothing better.

this is exactly why i will NEVER sell my scrambler. i'd rather bolt on new metal, weld and bondo it.


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this is exactly why i will NEVER sell my scrambler. i'd rather bolt on new metal, weld and bondo it.

Totally. My '07 Suburban is pretty flimsy. I drove into a snow bank and the front bumper folded a bit. Nothing major and I can pop some plastic rivets and it will be fine but nothing like the old 'Burbon's with the steel bumpers. I'd expect that from a Toyota or Honda but a 'Burbon?

Vehicles like the Scrambler and Defenders are easily rebuildable. I've seen guys doing frame up builds in their garages. Galvanized chassis's and diesel powerplants so it's better than from the factory.

And skip the bonbo - I think some waves in the body work add character :)


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Screw it all!!! I'm buying an STI, gettin' a shitload of Mountain Dew & granola bars & goin' to Allaire to do a ton of donuts in the model airplane field!!!!!!! :getsome:

...or maybe I'll just ride my road bike. :)


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OH no! MORE mud

I was looking through the mag with this Subaru ad and looks what's inside!
I still can't figure out what Selle Italia seats have to do with loving mud, even less than Subaru. I personally had more mud at last years Darkhorse race to last me the rest of my life. I don't love mud. I don't ride a mountain bike because I love mud. I certainly wouldn't buy a seat based on someone thinking I love mud.

The type may be too small in the photo but the big money quote is "Be a mud lover, Be a legend" WTF!!!!!!? What is wrong with dirt?
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Am I gonna get this sensitive if I start doing regular trail maintenance?


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Yes, I cut it off at the kids bday party, the damn thing crapped on my lawn


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I only get Caddyshack, Airplane, and Vacation quotes. Killed alot of Braincells listening to Singles
It's the conflicting message that's this issue. Nature Valley, Citibank, Milk, e-Trade etc don't actively promote or get involved in trail evidenced by the ads you've pointed out, they probably couldn't give a rat's you-know-what. The fact that this ad is coming from Subaru (first, only and long-time supplier of vehicles to the IMBA Trail Care Crew) is the problem.

Actually, Nature valley does help in promoting TM. by donating some food for NTD...:D

As maker of Mother Nature’s Energy Bar™, Nature Valley is committed to the mission of making nature enjoyable and accessible, while also preserving and protecting nature in our national parks. To further that mission, Nature Valley created the Save the Trails™ program, a unique public-private partnership with the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and Nature Valley Granola Bars®.

Citibank, Actually was a group sponsor in Cali for the wildlife recovery project.. back in 2004

Organized Groups at
CWRP Events (26)
The Home Depot
Fountain of Life (youth group)
SCA Alumni
Take Pride in America
United Four Wheel Drive Association
US Fish and Wildlife Service Volunteers
Latter Day Saints (youth group)
San Bernardino Mayor’s Youth Council
San Bernardino Public Schools
San Bernardino Blight Busters
San Bernardino County Bridges Program
Girl Scouts
Boy Scouts
Hesperia Unified School District
Boeing Corporation
Cub Scouts
Rancho Simi Trail Blazers
Kiwanis Club
San Gabriel Mountain Trail Builders
US Forest Service Volunteers
Cal Poly Pomona Engineering Students
South Coast Karate Club
Habitat Works
Tree People
Glendora Trails Committee

Ill have to check history on the others... UHm,mm.. the E-trade was ment to be funny if you seen the super bowl commercial.. ok... Happy trails....:rolleyes:

And yes i agree, its the overall Add by Subaru that is not politcally correct with Trail Advocates..
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