Shades: Arnette 4054



Manufacturer: Arnette
Product: AN 4054
How Long Used: 2 Months
Similar Products Used: Bolle stuff
Overall Rating [1-10]: 9

Positive: No view of frame in peripheral vision. Block wind so no crocodile tears, not too dark, not too light, secure and stay on well over vibration.

Negative: The snug fit means that I do get some fogging when I'm straining up a hill or stopped for a break. There's a slight chance that you might look like a bug-eyed numpty but avoid looking into mirrors and you're fine.

Comments: I'm really happy with these puppies since I've tried loads, copied people and all sorts but always had problems such as the tint being too dark or too light and wind rushing around the lenses on downhills. These babes have worked out well. I've used them for skiing too since they work so well and you doon't get the suction effect like you do with goggles...

So, in using the rating system from, 4 flaming turds for performance and 5 for value. They're about $60 or so on ebay...
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