sex before race day?


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hi al,...i'm just curiost does anyone have ever inaccidently happen to have sex,lets say a week or two before race days is ahead.
cause it does happen to me or as i believe others as well:p,or maybe not,..
so, there any doctors or profesional nutritionist out there on this forum,that might discuss this matters on healthy side/effect on your performance during the race.
thanks hopefully this topics didn't offense anybody:eek:,....and peace to all!


The wife and I accidentally have sex sometimes. :D

The best known case of sex deprivation for competition these days (at least that I know of) is boxer Bernard Hopkins, who swears to no sex for months prior to a match. He's a future hall of famer, but he's also lost a few times in the past few years (and will lose again this fall when my boy Kelly Pavlik tears him apart!), but it's fairly ridiculous I think. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure there's no link between endorphins and sexual drive and performance in an endurance sport.

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There are tons of articles on the interweb that go over this topic. Like this one here...

Sleep, sex and the athlete: do bedroom habits affect athletic performance?

From uh, personal experience, I find it helps, but for none of the reasons the articles state. Race-day eve is usually a little nerve racking and taking care of some "business" relieves a lot of pre-race stress and let's me relax and get a good night's rest. It may also be like doing "openers" (pun intended) in prepping the cardio system for a hard day to come (pun intended again).
Besides, who cares? Having sex is a hell of a lot more fun than racing:D



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:hmmm:,...i think i might wanna get "another" one tonight.:)
i feel a lot better now,thanks folks!!


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Id like to be a fly on the wall when this conversation takes place..."Honey we cant have sex for two weeks." "Wtf are you talking about." "The big race is coming up! Duh!"



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Last place, great Sex the night before > 1st place, No sex for 3 striaght days prior.

Get your priorities straight



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I was recently watching "fight science" on national geographic. The did a test with a boxer to see if his performace was effected before and after sex. they found that he performed better and that his testorone level was much higher after sex.


I'm no expert.....

I've listened to people argue about this one before.

Guy 1 : " I'm a smart rider, i have sex before races so i'm relaxed and can think straight, clear, and so I can pick the fastest lines quicker. i know my physical ability wont be improved by depriving myself of sex, its the mental part of the race thats more important - a clear mind is better"

Guy 2: " I deprive myself of sex before a race because I feel more pumped up, on edge. I ride like I'm going to get a sex prize at the end of the race"

Personally I think if you're really curious, experiment yourself and find out which way you perform better. (if you're really THAT concerned with the correlation between sex and your race time)

Kudos to LandCruiser for bringing up the obvious here..... "Last place, great Sex the night before > 1st place, No sex for 3 striaght days prior. "


So it would go without say ng that you tell your wife/girlfirend that you always have a race tommorro.


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Sex before works for me - helps me sleep too!
Also, now I'm showing my age here, but the great swimmer Mark Spitz won 7 Olympic gold medals in 1972 (most in history) and supposedly had sex before each race - sometime more than one race per day. He da man!
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