Seth's Bike Hacks' Ringwood Visit and Video Review


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The first set of trails is Skylands into Warm Puppy. There are a few spots that he wanted to stopped at and session and do some taping.

Skylands / Warm Puppy is on the trail maps and is definitely a must do at Ringwood. Grab a local and check out all that Ringwood has to offer.
Thanks!!! I’ve linked Warm Puppy from White and had a blast. Gonna try to make the festival this year.

Victor I

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Al has continued to hone his skills. He is a beast. I on the other hand have marginally improved. It’s a young man’s (ladies) game.
You can hold your own. But yeh, its definitely a challenge keeping up with Al. We will climb up the regular sections of trails while he try’s to always find some feature to climb, huck, jump, trial over. Never boring that’s for sure...


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Wow, I never saw that movie in original language. I wasn’t too impressed when I watched it dubbed in Italian, maybe I should give it a try.
I don’t know how it translates but it is definitely not sophisticated humor. Pretty silly. And so much of it you could not get away with today.

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