Send all your thoughts & prayers to Schilling


I came up on Woody, Schilling, and Mitch but they didn't see me. So I got up a ton of speed and just as I caught up to them I locked up my brakes and yelled. I scared the shit out of Schilling and he was legit pissed for about 30 seconds. Then he said something like "ok, fine... you got me".
i can see him fighting to admit that LOL



me walking up a hill on my singlespeed while schilling rides it in 2011 :p


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So I had a chance to ride today.
Something I would have as often as not passed on to take a nap on the couch, or catch up on things around the house.
But thinking about Chris right now, the opportunity takes on a different meaning.

I have only met him in the context of a few group rides,
but that is enough to get a feel for the character that comes through in the stories people are sharing.
You wouldn't see this outpouring for just anyone on the board.

So I (figuratively) dusted off the SS and took it for a spin today.

(6mr mars dust still intact from the last time I rode it...)

Chris, we're riding for you, and pulling for you.
Please get well soon-
I'm not as strong as you and need my gears back.


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So I have dusted off my beloved Misfit and have reconnected, felt very weird at first but yeah this SS is for real men which I need to man up again.

I will try to ride everyday, on day five so I am semi back and hope to be ready for your first ride back.


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me walking up a hill on my singlespeed while schilling rides it in 2011 :p

Pearl that's the same bike he beat me on at Cathedral Pines. I thought I had him but lap three I took a spill and that was that. Next time I saw him was sitting on his folding chair smiling when I came in.

This is also the same bike he scooped up from @BadLine which came geared when he bought it. I was on that ride and remember him telling me he wanted to try sspeed.


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This thread ain't slowing down.... no granny gears here! Keep the good vibes coming.

Chris, you've got this community rallying closer than I've seen.. which makes sense given the positive influence you've had on so many. Take your time & heal up, we'll keep the trails warm for ya!

(.....but don't take too long. I gotsa put my gears back on for the snow....maybe)


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Oh my gosh! I've been off the radar a few days and missed this. Very sad to hear of this accident.

I don't know Chris, but I feel somewhat familiar with him from his pictures and posts here on MTBNJ. I definitely connect SS with @Schilling. I've always been impressed with some of the big endurance miles he does on a SS.

I wish him a strong and quick recovery and for his family to have faith that it will happen. I don't really pray, so I'll just think positive thoughts. And maybe I'll strip some gears off one of my bikes. I'm over-due to go through another SS phase.

On another note, it is impressive to see the outpouring of support from this community.


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He is one of us, family. I didnt know him as well as all of u but enough that i really liked him alot & wouldve loved to know him better as i would all of u. As i keep telling Matt-- i worked for years in a neuro unit. I have seen many horrible headinjuries. I have seen people who i thought were goners come out & be whole again. I have much hope for Chris. Lets keep positive, pray and take one day at a time. If anyone can recover, Chris can. ❤️


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I don't think I have every met @Schilling but I would like to sometime soon. From what I have read, he seems like a great guy. I've been keeping him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

Tonight I headed out for a ride and grabbed my current go-to bike. As I set out I remembered #Singlespeedforschilling and thought maybe I should ride in one gear. I have not ridden my single speed bike in quite a while, and it hangs collecting dust, so my SS skills are lack. I'm not a strong rider either, so I wasn't sure if I could do it on my thirty one pound fully. But I left it in an easier gear knowing that the hills would get tougher. As I got to the hills it did get tougher, but I kept my thought on Chris and how tough he has it now in comparison. I kept riding on. Whatever I couldn't ride, I walked. When it got dark, I turned on my light. Even with the light, the woods get scary when you are by yourself. But I pushed on thinking of Chris. I finished my ride pedaling in one gear.

Throughout my ride I kept thinking about Chris and realized that while we are showing our support and hopefully sending him positive energy, he is also inspiring us to ride a little harder and be a little better, and it happened. Thanks Chris. Get well soon.

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I was deeply saddened when I heard the tragic news via FB and have been following ever since. Until now I had not checked threads on MTBNJ, and seeing the outpouring of love for Chris makes me proud to be a member of this great cycling community. The past year and a half, I've ridden with Chris on several occasions and he's been nothing short of a true gentleman, giving encouragement. I would see him, and looked forward to seeing him, at every H2H race, where he would be along side the course cheering me and everyone he knew on "You got this, good job". So to you Chris, I say "You got this". Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery - the entire biking community is saying the same, and it doesn't hurt to repeat it - we miss you and need you back.


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Chris, "The Mountain Bike Gypsy" is always a great companion on the trails. I mentioned this bad news to my son, Ryan. He had met Chris on one of the Allaire Beginner Rides. Ryan then told a story of how Chris came back to find him when he had gotten separated from the group. Not a big deal but it could have been. Chris is far from a beginner but often did those rides to show support for others. The type of person that builds a community.

This outpouring of support is humbling. Lets will him back to good health.

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Hey Chris, we havent met but looks like I would be better off knowing you. Rest up and heal but dont take too long. Will see you on the trails soon!
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