Seems to be an impossible fit


I have been struggling with this tire for over 1 hr and if I don't stop now this wheel is getting torched. I cannot get a new tire on this wheel - tried soapy water, even heated the tire in the oven at 170F. Won't go on. What am I doing wrong or will this tire just not fit?



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never heard of heating up the tire myself.

Hard to explain but my experience with the difficult ones is to try and use the palm of your hands to roll the last bit over the rim. assuming that your using a tube also make sure the tube is centered into the lowest part of the rim well so its not getting in the way.

otherewise it might be the rim/tire combo is just not a good match. I have seen even different types of Continental tires (i.e. Gatorskins vs GP4000II's ) fit differently.

good luck.


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Those rims use the bead seat diameter and profile that Stans designed. In other words, they really should be used with tubeless road tires. Tubeless tires tend to be more consistent than not tubeless in terms of fit. Just don't try conti tubeless tires.

If your tires go on that tight, there is very little chance that you will be able to remove them on the road. Try another brand.