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Blew my rear shock out on April 19th (Fox Triad on an '06 Stumpjumper) for the second time in as many years. Thing was leaking oil and the lever adjuster basically fell off. Dropped it off at the LBS who sent it to Fox (apparently it needed a re-build that the shop wasn't equipped to perform).


Not blaming the LBS here whatsoever, but is Fox that backed up that it would take this long? Any of the bike-shop guys here have this experience?

Still been out riding, albeit on the road on an old hardtail, and I know that the Triad shock is known for being somewhat of a piece of shit, but this seems excessive.

I know, I know - ditch the full-susp. and get a 29er SS...........



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It's hit or miss IME. Sometimes they send an advance replacement immediatley and sometimes they forget you. You went to TC for this i hope.......??


Member what you are telling me is that I shouldn't have sent my RP23 back to Fox just because my propedal lever wasn't working?


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it took me around a month for mine as well. Figure 2 weeks of that is for shipping alone, assuming they used ups. . .


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If it's not under warranty you might be better going to push industries.
I blew up my float RL last august . Once i sent it to them i had it back within 2 weeks. They rebuilt it and added the propedal valving. Yes you'll pay for it, but it's cheaper than buying a new shock.


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I considered PUSH a while back, but from what I have heard the Triad that I have isn't one of the shocks that they can improve w/ their service.

Anywhey, the shop called and my shock has finally come back, so life is looking better. Maybe I can get it stuck down before summer is over. I'd really like to get an RP23, but Specialized seems to design their frames w/ oddball shock length and stroke, so replacing the shock is not so easy.

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