Saturday 7/14


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Going to any Clayton tomorrow at 9 am if anyone wants to meet up
Tues night @ Allaire someone said Clayton was closed TFN. Mon. Co was clearing trees and trails from the previous storms. Not sure if its true or not. If you go , please post up and let us know the status.
Ed and Pat Gifford
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Clayton definitely open, but the damage there is amazing. Last night I rode alone there and was last to leave the lot. The big trees down were shocking in number and neat to see...must have been like a war zone during that storm. After a while I started looking up and the tree top damage was extensive as well. There is a lot of little loose stuff that slows down the bomber DH's there, but it is very rideable and all the big trees (except one) have been removed by the Park folks....
I saw those downed trees today, too. amazing how those huge trees were snapped like twigs and just laying there... sad to see but the smell was really pleasant and it made me want to take some home for my fire pit :p


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That last tree was removed yesterday so all the trails are clear, another thing to be aware of is they have closed off a couple of sections and routed the trail around them. I was supprised yesterday when I was climbing the hill up to the parking lot and found a snow fence across the trail.

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