Sam Hill at Campmor this week?


Someone's posting on MTBR that Sam is at Campmor this Thursday to hang out and sign autographs. Maybe Sean can confirm.
News to me but possible since he will be here for the US Open. :hmmm:

Watch out though, he's really fast - you might miss him. :rofl:
Yes, it's true

Sam Hill will be at Campmor on Thursday,....I believe for one hour,..11 -12. They sell Ironhorses so he's going to smile/wave promo.

It's true. Sam will be at Campmor this Thursday. What time, I dont know. Looks like Im going to have to come into work while Im on vacation.

On the other hand...what are you doing at 2:30? Do you want to meet with Tahirt and I at parking lot C if its not pouring out by then? Its raining right now here in Mahwah.

Too wet today, but hopefully nicer on Thursday. I believe that after the signing, racers will be heading to Diablo for the check in. That way they can preride the course on Friday. I'll be saving my energy for my slow DH run. Hope not to bruise my butt like I did last year.
Got to chat with Sam, and Brendan Fairclough was there as well. Dude, Sam is like five eight. Much shorter and smaller than I thought he'd be. He's also the softest talker ever. Brendan is like six foot but maybe 140 lbs. Don't think he gets along with Greg Minnaar much. Sam says he's going for the win this year at the Open, and that Peaty always wins Lisbon because of "long legs." They signed my Ironhorse and a Dirt magazine cover.

I feel like I'm twelve.


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