Salsa's Selma for '09


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That's a cool looking bike.

Is it me or does the seat tube angle look more kicked back than the specified 73 degrees?


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That is a very nice looking ride....looks like they specd the bike with very nice like

Glancing Aft

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The more I read about this bike, the more I want it. Maybe I'll have one in time for the Darkhorse Singlespeed-a-polooza ;)


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Wow nice, now I am really confused in my search for a 29R or FS or both combined


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i saw that too. very smooth.
my 2009 upgrade list is narrowed down to salsa, fisher and niner. i have try to get a test ride on an alum hardtail to see what it's going to be like before i plunk down the $$.
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