Salsa El Mariachi 29r??


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Anyone have one or ridden one?? Thoughts on it?? Good,bad, indifferent.........


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I've not ridden one, but here's what I've picked up on these.

That frame was recently redesigned. The initial design had a longer (C-T) seat tube with a severely dropped and braced top tube. The new one has a shorter (C-T) seat tube for the comparable sizes.

They use True Temper OX, which is good stuff. Welded up offshore, I'm pretty sure.


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salsa 29er

I've heard nothing, but great things regarding the El Mariachi.

For '08 Salsa did redesign the Seat stay and seat tube geometry so they can closer match frame sizes across their line up of models.
In doing so the standover height increased by 1.4 inches. Not good for someone like me with a shorter inseam.
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