sale: madison bicycle shop


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Looks like a good day of shopping, Think me and the family will take a road trip on Sunday after some TM. Lookout Mastercard!!!


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Yeah what the hey maybe I'll meet ya there after I swing by the Mountain Man. There's a decent used book store in Madison too. And of course Whole Foods.


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i actually forgot about that book store. there's killer resturant there too called the garlic rose. unreal food but IIRC, it's BYOB. madison is just a cool little town.


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Yes Garlic Rose. You have to go there with anyone you plan on spending the next 24 hours with though.


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awesome restaurant, although I have not been there in close to 4 years now. Highly recommended! I can't place the used bookstore though.

There is also a good bar type restaurant across the street, forgot the name...


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i've been through madison on the train, and i always just assumed that everything there costs like, $1,000,000.99.
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