RVCC has new map of Ringwood


JORBA: Ringwood
We just put up a new map of Ringwood on the RVCC site:


We have made a detailed proposal to the park to mark the trails with a similar system to Wawayanda. Decision from the state still pending.
Pixy, Awesome map!!! You guys really did a great job with it!
So I guess this makes 6 bridges an official trail?

I did see a slight error in one spot, I'll pm you about it.

I think I see the error too...it says NO BIKES, just take that off and we are all set :p
You and Art did a fantastic job! Ill print it up at work and show Tahir and company.

Good stuff. I've always had a soft spot for Ringwood. It was the location of my first MTB ride in '91.

What's up with North pointing down? That's a sin of map making.
Art & Ellen

You two are just AWESOME! thanks for all the Love you have given Ringwood,....coming on 20 years, aren't we!
That's a pretty awesome map. I like me my maps. Maps maps maps!
Just to give credit where due, all the art work was done by RVCC member, Georgette Riley. Much thanks to her, as she put alot of time in on it. This is just a first draft, we may make minor tweaks with time.
Wow, it's crazy how many trails on that are hiking only or go through "no bikes" areas.

Kind of funny, the multi-use crossover trail (white) dead ends for bikers and the shoe trail is multi use, but there is no legal way to get to it.

Great job on the map. Any chance of getting a more black and white printer friendly version with some contour lines?
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