ruts @ LM: yellow trail/Patriots Path


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to finish my tirade in the current trail conditions thread...

i'm fairly sure the section i'm referring to is Patriot's Path, and is part of the yellow trail. if you are riding the 2005 race loop, it is the double track or "road" that you'd make a left onto after the little bridge on the green trail as you would be heading down to make the left up onto orange. anyway, it looked like someone, for reasons i can't fathom, went through there with a 4WD truck and just rutted it up beyond belief. as i mentioned in the other thread, i was just shocked.

JORBA fights so hard for our access and to keep our rights to use the trails. does the PR with the hikers, horsie folks, county and state land managers and all other parties to keep us from looking like thugs on wheels, yet someone just drives up PP and literally destroys it. i'm talking ruts that are in the neighbor hood of 12" wide by at least that deep. and a good hundred yards of it. ok, granted i don't know if it was the parks folks or some scumbag out for a joy ride, but either way, after seeing this, i doubt i'll toss anyone under the bus for riding a marginal at best trail again.


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That's primarily an access road where the park rangers drive. That leads to the campgrounds as well as the back gate.
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