Rutgers Preserve TM - March 26, 2011


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The land supervisor has invited the JORBA group to tend to the trails. Rutgers students will be there as well. It's a trash cleaning and trail cleanup session. Glove and bags will be provided. Bring some small tools if you have.

We will be sending out crews to different areas and regrouping at noon for some food and then head out again. Stay for all of it or some. Join any time.

Time: 10am
Meet: RUEP parking lot. The one with the sign and yellow posts on Road 3. Nearest X street is Road 1.

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THATmanMANNY, Do you have a decent amout of people showing up for this so far? I dont see anyone replying. I have been following the progress on this place and know youve been working hard on getting things going. I wanted to show up for this one but I have to work in the morning. Hope some people show up.
Thanks I ride bikes. Just call me Manny. 😀
I dunno the number but theres gonna be a good amount of rutgers students. I just wanted some reps from the bike community to build that relationship. But either way the land manager is eager to make new trails at a later date after this clean up. I hope we can come up with a project for the near future tomorrow.
Cool Manny. It will be good to get something going at this place. The more places to ride the better. I will def make it out to some TM this year.

There was about 15 ppl in and out during the day. Some students and members of the Outdoor Club. We worked for like 4 hours. For the first two hours groups were sent to different areas and the focus was trash clean up. Lunch break. Then went back out again and cut back some overgrowth and closed some sections. The RUEP Faculty Supervisor, Rick, is eager to do more work and he is supportive in any effort to make this place better! Even got some tools! We will be brainstorming a trail build project for next time. We are starting to build a good foundation and garnering great support. Lend a hand next time 😉 Pictures from the day...







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Great job Manny. Im glad this finally got off the ground for you.

Good effort. Patience was the key, and you hung in there. Keep it going.
Good job and thanks! I enjoy riding this place and wish I coulda made it out there to help, but I had work. I will definetly try to make it out next time.😀
Hey rode the Preserve today, much better than when I was out there last year. THanks to all who cleaned up the trails and cleared some paths. I think one or two more times I might be able to navigate a successful loop.
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