Rust and corruption!

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This is just to vent...

The rear swing arm on my Santa Cruz Bullit is corroding AGAIN.

I had the frame recoated under warranty (powdercoated) ~3 years ago after I noticed the top tube was corroding.

I’m pretty sure I could trade the frame in on a new frame, but I am attached to this one.

There’s a lot of sentimental value in it:

I have been riding this bike for longer than ANY of my other bikes… I have owned it since 2002 when I built if for light DH riding.

I was riding it when I met my wife.

It’s been to Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, A Hell ride in Virginia, countless rides in Pennsylvania and New Jersey…

I really like the bike.

VERY frustrating… :(


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you say potato i say pahtahto
you say corruption i say corrosion

sounds like its time to let it go.


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I have my very first MTB frame sitting in my basement. It is a piece of shit but I still have it. I wish I still had my first real roadie. After many years of service and just collecting dust, I sold the entire bike for $100 to a co-worker. I disliked the guy and feel as if I wronged the bike by selling it to such a tool. I will regret that forever. :eek:

We all value our stuff differently. My more current bikes mean little to me. They are gone as soon as they can be replaced. Those first few bikes were special though. :eek: :hmmm:
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