Running of the Dawgs


Team Bulldog Rider
Any word if there will be Running of the Dawgs this year? I was disappointed when they did not have it last year.


entirely thrilled
i'm gonna start a new mtb event. it'll be like hare coursing, only with bikes instead of dogs, and a person on foot instead of a rabbit. we could start an informal firday night series, go tear up the local soccer fields.


vernon's got astroturf????

That's because Mt. Creek is robbing everyone blind on lift passes. They must be sharing the wealth with the locals. If I ever have to go to that place again to snowboard it'll be too soon. I could bitch about that place all day. :getsome::getsome::getsome:


Strong like bull, smart like tractor
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Mt. Creek: where there is more ice than snow and more Eagles jackets than ice. Gawd I hate that place.
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