Rumored Trail work on Sunday.


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I have heard a rumor of trail work at Baldpate on Sunday 2-15-09

Anyone else know the deal??

I have never ridden here but I love cutting trails.



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did anyone ride hear today or the past few days?
jDog - was there a trail today? I live close and may take a ride to the park


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I rode there yesterday morning while the trails were still frozen. It's a mess - horses have been out there when it was wet. The trails are really chewed up. Even with the ground frozen it was difficult riding because of the ruts and horseshoe holes. I would recommend avoiding the park until it warms up and dries out.

I would be interested in helping out with trail work sometime in the future.


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I rode there on Sunday afternoon. I started up at the new parking area at the top. (Pleasant Valley Road). It was soft in the lower areas but not to bad on the white and red trails. There was a newer trail that connected off the white trail that was nice. I did not go over to the Honey Hollow trail area since it usually is chewed up early in the season by horses. I road the summit trail, red, and white trail.
Did see two on horses today heading in that direction of Honey Hollow rails. Also a lot of hikers, some friendly others scowled at me.
It was the first weekend open for over a month, previously closed during hunting season.

I wasn't doing trail work this past Sunday.

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Also a lot of hikers, some friendly others scowled at me.

I had a dude overtly scope my bike, and scowel at me Sunday. At the time I was sweating my ass off, trying to bring the trail back to single track width (from a completely pounded out 6' wide). I had just spent nearly 2 hours dragging materials to cover the foot prints, tire tracks, and paw prints. I wanted to club him senseless with a limb.
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