Rumble in the Jungle

monkey boy

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Thanks to everyone who came out on sunday racers and spectators.
If anyone has any kind of feedback at all please let us know.
was it to tech, not tech enough?
to much fire roads, not enough?
any kind of feedback is going to help us make it better for next year.
Thanks again for coming out.

one last thing. Goo, Clif shot, and other energy goop filled packets do not biodegrade and are nasty to clean up.:mad2:
We don't know what else you are sticking in you mouths.:)


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I thought it was perfect. Good amount of fire roads to allow things to spread out. My only critique might be the overall downhill flow after the paved+fireroad climb. The one section didn't have a great flow in all. Hard to describe other than the one that had the huge rock(s) squeezed between the trees. Right after that it dumped on the pavement which led to the switchback climb.

NJ Jess

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great course

loved the course. Maybe more trail stuff verse pavement links. It would be really cool if you had posters of the different animals in their pens as we ride by. How does it feel riding it the other direction? Loved that the parking was easy as going to six flags ( the true killer of Jungle Habitat..)


entirely thrilled
norm i thought that switchback with the big rocks was great by race time. they're new trails, really new, so they're naturally going to have some growing pains to go through before they get really flowey. the two little slightly uphill sections to that piece were severely widened by the time the experts came through, so that disrupted it a bit, but in general i thought the entire downhill was the best part of the course. super fast and fun, with lots of flow.


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I hated that big rock because 19 out of 20 sport riders choke on it. On the preride with Fred I actually scouted out a way around to the right because I expected it to be crapped up. Sure enough it was, and that pre-ride scout got me a fast pass of a few guys who were blocking the whole trail standing there. One of the slight uphills on the first lap was when I came up on those guys I passed a minute later and they were blocking the trail and spinning on the rocks.

On the second lap I agree it was a lot smoother and flowy because I was by myself. It was the only chance I had (including the pre-ride last week and yesterday) to even try to clean that big rock. So from a "race flow" perspective that section was rough. OTOH I got by them as fast as I could so it then becomes an advantage as people following me have to then deal with it as well.


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Killer course. Ill say it again, the legnth of the course, the technical aspect, and climbing were all spot on.

I would love to hit the switchback in the other direction!

You know you have done well when even the people who did not have the greatest of races are still raving about it.

Great Job and Thank You!


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I think the course was as close to perfection for me as you could get. It is definately the most fun course of the series so far. I was having such a good time riding I was considering taking another lap. The only thing that would need improvement for next year would be the trail markings. I've heard that some trail markings were missing for the expert riders and I know of at least one section where I ran off course because the trail marking did not stand out very well. Thanks to everyone for making this race happen.


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apparently some experts got confused when coming through on their second lap by the start singletrack, which was only used for the start. they cut into the woods and started riding it backwards i guess. pete had run down and had blocked it off by the time i came through for my second lap. the tape also broke at one point, which caused some people to go off course(jim and chrisg being two of them). it was fixed by the time i came through again. there's really no way to avoid that stuff, it happens. the tape could have simply broken on it's own, or some rider wasn't paying attention and rode into it instead of turning, or some rider who needs glasses took them off for the race and didn't see the tape.

monkey boy

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thanks again for all the feedback Keep it coming.
The "switch backs" going down hill are freakin' awsome. we just need to bank up a few of the turns and it will be even faster.
The whole course is designed to go both ways, so lots of options for the future.
Keep it comin'
thanks again


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Awesome course

I thought the course was kickass. Excellent mixture of elements.

As Sean notes, I was one of those who fell victim to the downed tape, as well as the "start singletrack" confusion (a good half-dozen of us went the wrong way on this), but these are logistical issues that are easily remedied.

Huge thanks to everyone who built the trails and worked at putting on the race.


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Yeah the course could have been marked alot better in the 2nd half section. I guessed the entire time if I was actually on the course and it didn't help that another rider wasn't around. But by far the best course of the season & i plan on going back sometime within the next few weeks to ride it again.
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