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My wife and I are doin the King of the Hill this Sunday. Its our first multi-discipline race, and her first mt bike race. Anyone have any experience with duathalons or with this race in particular? I'm looking for some insight on the transition area. Wondering if we should run in our bike shorts or ride in our running shorts or would we get to change?


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I think they are going to do the 2 mile run followed by the 12 mi bike and finally another 2 mile run, so i wouldnt waste time changing out of the bike pants, just your shoes.


The transition area is basically a field with bike racks. You wouldn't want to change your shorts there, nor waste that time. Just run in your bike shorts. It's not that bad. Plus you'll have to change shoes, throw on gloves and a helmet, you'll have enough going on.
Good luck!
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