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We had a great day for the 1st official trail day at RV in a while. We were able to complete the repair of a badly eroded switchback on the Cushetunk trail in 1 session. 1st we built a berm on the upper part of the trail to keep the water off the lower part. Then on the trail itself we filled the 2' deep rut with large rocks & dirt. We then built a riding berm on the high side to add a little fun factor. Lastly we narrowed down the trail for that single track feel. A very rewarding day.

I'd like to thank the following volunteers for their VERY HARD WORK, dealing with the bugs & finishing all the Muchkins.

Norman Albrecht
Joseph Zurawski (AKA Norm Z.)
Marc Lewis
Nadine Dalesandro
Mike Wolert
Paul Miranda
Allen Russel
Joe Patanella
Bob Adase
Kirt Mills

Ps. Almost forgot. We also trimmed back the corridor from top to bottom of the switchback trail.


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Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Good stuff yesterday. Thanks for getting the ball rolling with the RV efforts. It was an experience going through the Bob Adase Big Boulder Relocation and Tall Berm Program.

It really is a night and day difference in that section. That first picture really doesn't do justice to how badly it was eroded.

FWIW, 7 of the 10 people there are MTBNJ posters! Nice!


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Make one of these a Sunday and i will come along to show you what a proper horse berm looks like.

Good stuff guys.



the berm looks awesome. I am going to try and make it over to RV this just to ride that section.



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Nice got my best side :eek:

As an after thought, it may be a good idea to keep the veg trimmed low and maintain visibility to the bottom of the hill.


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Nice work! Thanks so much guys and lady. Wish I was around to help. If it ever stops raining I'll head over there for a ride.


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You guys worked us good, but it was worth it. Hopefully our work held up to the heavy rain today. Nadine Marc & myself rode there afterwards. After all the shoveling the rocks finished my arms off after the ride. :eek:

Brian Snyder

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That looks great! Lots of hard work was done so everyone can enjoy that trail for a long time to come.


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I had a wicked good ride at RV yesterday morning. The switchback is awesome. Great work guys! I can't believe it took me this long to get there.

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