Round Valley swim area open?


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Does anyone know if the swim area at Round Valley is open? What are the days/hours? Does there need to be a lifeguard or is it swim at your own risk? Water there clean?

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I think it's open whenever the park is, I've taken the kids swimming there a few times this summer, there's no lifeguard, wear swimmies:D



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my brother takes his son there all the time. its very clean. definetly keep an eye on the kids if you can since there is no lifeguard(that i know of)


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I heard (it may be a rumor though) that because of the park budget cuts, there is no swimming or camping at RV this year. But I know you still have to pay to get into the park, which doesn't make sense. Whenever I ride there I don't go down to the water area so I can't say for sure. I have seen a few tents back in the sites though.
Call the park and ask.


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from the state website

"Swimming is permitted at Round Valley in the Day-use Area only from Memorial Day through Labor Day while lifeguards are on duty. Swimming is not allowed in the main reservoir. Visitors will find a beach complex containing changing areas, restrooms, showers, a first-aid station, and a concession building where food and beach supplies are available for purchase. Grilling is prohibited along the beachfront. There are two playgrounds and volleyball nets on the beachfront. Inner tubes, rafts and other flotation devices are not permitted in the swimming area."

I saw plenty of campers last Friday too.


Been there last week - in the designated swimming area there are lifeguards ( from 10 am at weekends -don't remember at weekdays )
but not much area for a long swim - especially if you planning for a triathlon


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but not much area for a long swim - especially if you planning for a triathlon

Hmmm... you mean they won't let you out of the area they are "guarding." Like those silly flags at the beach?

Yea I'm doing War at the Shore again and tired of training in pool or treking to the shore. Bringing the A game this year. :getsome:


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Open 10am-6pm

If anyone was wondering I made a trip up to round valley to trail run and found out...

Swim area is open 10am-6pm STRICTLY I guess till labor day.
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