Round Valley -quick recap wed 10/29


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A solid post-storm ride wednesday afternoon

Was my first time starting from the Round Valley side, the time before was from Cushetunk side.

Starting out from the boat launch lot, it was looking like a bad idea. Snow, wind, mud, low-40s. Was surprised to see so much snow since there were none on the ground where I live. Gators were key in going ankle and sometimes knee deep. As was eye protection from all the splatter on the dowhills

There were many downed trees - place is in bad need of some tlc and a chainsaw.

About 4-5 miles in, once you hit up the single track, snow cleared, mud cleared, wind has died down. No one in the park, just me, the bike and the sweet climbs and rocks and single track. Went as far as the trail/hike up to Cushetunk.

16 miles total, about 2900 feet climbing. I'll post link when i find where I put my garmin

Did some exploring, so a couple of trails down and back up. Like a white trail over the ridge, and then heading back up. Wasn't quite sure where trail would have gone by the end where the powerlines were.

On way back, instead of doing a stretch on the fire road, I took a small ridge trail which had a lot of snow, and every 10 yards - no joke - a fallen tree. That was kind of a bother as every tree seemed to be the kind with the thorny branches.

Didn't figure it would take 3 hours, so when I got back it was 6:15, and the ranger was there. I apologized, he said no big deal.

All in all, this is a happy place even besides the messy conditions in some places. RV long climbs and rocks ... well ... they rock.:p

PS, elbiddy and i are meeting up at 10am on Sat Nov 1st at the boat launch parking lot. Should be dry by then. Welcome any who want to join.


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Yup, and then crossing the bridge and making a left followed by pedaling till you vomit or legs fall off.

edit: Or both

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