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i was really scared about this one because of the high possibility of stripping my hub, but i'm too broke to get a chainwhip. it's definably doable tho, so if you've gotsa fixie who's sprocket needs tightening and have other bike related things to spend your money on, give it a shot.
just thought i'd give it a good review since i was on the edge on whether to do it or not.


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What am I missing here. You don't need a chain-whip to install the cog. You need it to take it off.

The cog gets tighter by applying pressure to the pedals. Install the cog and chain, push forward on the pedals (as in stand on the pedal), tighten lock ring.


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you avoid needing a cassette tool.
pretty cool

its like putting a breaker bar on the crank socket of your car and starting the engine. about 1 second later that huge bolt is broken free and laying on the floor :D


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I am pretty certain your LBS will not mind spending a few minutes to help you. Id check there first.
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