Rolly Polly's new tenants...


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...hopefully will be evicted soon
the wasp nest is hanging from a tree on Rolly Polly after the big roll ins and right after the new cutout section.
2 guys went by it and I went through the pissed off swarm. Thankfully the section is downhill, but still quite technical but I kept riding til I was sure I was clear of them. ended up with 2 stings.


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Yeah that wasp nest is about the size of an extra large grapefruit and hanging at about shoulder height right on the trailside. Beware.

Or be the 1st one in your group through that section. :D Sorry about that TKR.

Bob W

JORBA: Allamuchy

Hiked up early this morning...they are gone and so is the nest!!! Put tape up just in case we did not killem all, but should be fine in a day or so.

ride on...


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Thanks Bob. heard there were some other victims too, hopefully not too bad. right around the stings are crazy itchy right now.
glad you got 'em!


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this in stevens because if not there is one hanging shoulder high also on the trail side
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