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I'm starting to look at rollers and trainers in hope of getting one from the big red fat man this year. I know you need more space for the rollers, but not sure how boring a trainer would get. Any one have suggestions as to which would be better? Any suggestions on which rollers or trainers I should be looking at or what features to consider?


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I just got rollers last week. It's an awesome workout and the fact that I can fall off keeps me focused. I splurged and got a Cycleops roller which I'm really happy with.

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MAN UP! & get rollers
Your skills will improve over using a trainer. The only drawback is not alot of sprinting out of the saddle until your skills are out of this world.
Plus they are half the price.


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I <3 Riding in the snow...However I dont have what it takes to hit drops like that. Very very nice!

I just have one question...where did you find a dog w/ 6 inches of travel???
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