rollers Need some help


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I think the Minura looks a bit better, it also depends on your budget.
The Kreitler rollers are considered the best in the industry but they are more expensive then the ones you found.
I think that cyclops makes some nice ones as well.


I recently bought a set of the nashbar branded ones. They seem to be exactly the same as the Travel Trac ones. I have not had them that long, but no flaws yet! Nice basic set of rollers.


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If you see yourself being in cycling for the long haul, a set of Kreitlers is a wonderful investment. The drums are really round and quiet and will last forever. Mrs. ChrisG bought mine for my birthday in 1995 and they're still as smooth as can be, including the original belt. And make no mistake, they have gotten used over those past twelve years.

I put in three hours on them last week, as a matter of fact.
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