Roller Racing at Second Life Bikes. March 1st.


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On Saturday March 1st, Second Life Bikes will be hosting a night of roller racing.

What is roller racing? A reason to have a party in a bike shop in the off-season. To add to the common misperception that roller racing involves roller skates, we will also have roller skating. And a soft-serve ice cream machine.

More details at our bike reg link:

Come on out. It's going to be fun.



this is a great photo


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Sounds like a good time! Unfortunately, I'm off the bike until the second week of March, but maybe I could make one of the subsequent events!


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Having been both a spectator and participant, I can attest that either is fun.

Forget about the public service and the fact that Second Life helps kids and locals...Kerri throws an awesome party.

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I'm hoping to make it...probably just to hang out. I may be game for some roller skating too! :D
Do you have any size 9?

Señor Aguas

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I will most definitely be there spectating and a great time to catch up and commiserate over this really light winter we are having.


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This is something i always wanted to check out at a place i'd like to visit. see use there.
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