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That's right ladies and gentlemen you've read it right. Rocky Mountain Bicycles along with the support of Ocean County's best shop, Beachwood Bikes. We are hosting a Demo event at Allaire State Park, in the Hospital Rd Parking lot.

Rocky will have most of their bikes availible for demos. The best part....ITS FREE. Thanks to much thought, research, planning, and follow through. It's now a dream come true. Bikes you've seen in magazines, videos, in our store, or online. You can now take out and ride and see what a real bicycle is capable of at your local shred spot. Bikes like, The Slayer, Slayer SXC, Element, ETSX, and the newest addition, The Flatline.

The date is currently being worked out for Aug. 3rd it is not totally decided on that day as of right now but it is coming. The time will most likely be from 8AM to 4-6PM. You will not want to miss this. Once and a life time chance to ride any Rocky of your choice.....for FREE.
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