RockShox Judy Silver loses air pressure


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I bought my wife a Canyon "Grand Canyon 7" last year. It came with a RockShox Judy Silver fork. It loses the air from the air spring after about a week or so. Does anyone have any experience with these poverty forks? I don't really feel like attempting to go through a warranty with SRAM. Might just replace it with a real fork but is this a common issue? Not sure it is even worth trying to fix. Anyone gone through the SRAM warranty process? It looks like they want you to go through a dealer(bike shop) and I'm sure they don't process warranties for free.

Pic for reference:



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In my experience SRAM is really good with handling warranties. I'm sure they'll try to direct you to a shop that's got an account with them, but Canyon specs their product while selling consumer-direct, so I'd imagine SRAM has a process for handling those claims.

But if you want to use it as an excuse to upgrade it might be a good time. Then you could always warranty the fork and sell it afterwards.
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