Rocking The REd at The EAGLE friday at 3pm

it's technically not legal but noone bothers you as long as you respect the hikers and dog walkers...there's a great way to loop mills reservation with eagle rock for about a 15+mile ride that covers some nice terrain...we ride from the bikery in montclair on Valley road on wednesdays a little after six and either do mills, eagle rock, or a combination of the two...the guys from the shop know those trails like the back of their hands...come join us one night


Are the guys from the cyclery still on for the ride on Wednesday. I would like to join in on all the fun. Then I may want to do it again on Friday. It's on my way home from work. Hope to hear from ya, NJ Jess
I am super close to that park, and I dig the trails... But what's up with the local athoritys in the surrounding area how strick are they about that place?
thanks for the directions

I went to ringwood on Wednesday and then Garnet manor park in Paterson on Friday. I couldn't get the directions to Eagle Res. Are the monclair/bradford directions for the MILL, the same to get to Eagle Res? Someone said I need to take 280. I hope we could ride next week. Have you ever heard of High Mountain? NJ Jess
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