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What's up everyone,

My name is Rob; I'm into woods ridding and racing. New to organized mountain biking but I've been ridding them since they came out. I live in Garwood (near Cranford/Westfield) and work in Princeton. I grew up in Lawrence and lived in NYC/Brooklyn for about 10 years as well.

I'm currently looking to upgrade my existing wheels to a full suspension downhill bike soon and maybe getting into some racing. If anyone has a downhill bike for sale that's in good shape please PM me.

I currently race Enduro Motorcycles in the ECEA and I ride Adventure bikes. Since enduro season is over and I'm recovering from a shoulder injury I'm looking to do some Mountain biking on the weekends (willing to go just about anywhere). I know a lot of trails in NJ and even some areas with potential for new trails.

I'm pretty good at trail ridding and tackling obstacles but my endurance levels needs some work. If you ever want to ride please PM or email me.

I'm also up for trail trimming, pit/jump building, etc.

I'm an avid GPS user and love to create maps, routes and record trails.

NJ Mtb Trail Map Project >>

Here's some pics of me on my other bikes..






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Welcome aboard,
I can see why your endurance levels are low that bikes to big to pedal... :)


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welcome check out bikes for sale on this site, I happen to have a large and a small santa cruz super 8 that can be used for dh or freeride. they are in great condition and in need to a good home.check out mtbr on reviews on older bikes section and you can see what people say about them. anyway welcome again.


Any Hare Scrambling....I love that style of racing :D

Yep, I race Hare Scrambles too but it's the Enduros with 100+ miles of fresh single track trail (no loops) that I really love where you literally ride all day nonstop. Hare Scrambles are three hours on a 10 mile loop of mostly open terrain.

Thanks for all the welcomes.. I'll be checking out the classifieds for bikes, please PM your bike with pics and a price if you're selling. I want something relatively new and in good shape.

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