Road Tubeless Lessons Learned


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So a little over a year ago I flatted with my Hutchinson Fusion 5 that was set up tubeless. So I stuck a tube in and long story short I never got to patching the tire and removing the tube, just rode it as is.
Fast forward to last night, I flatted with the same tire. It felt odd that I would struggle so much to get the tire off the rim. The left over Stans formed a bond between the tire and the tube, almost creating a tubular tire. I then had to peel/yank on the valve stem with some force to start peeling the tube removal from the tire.

Lessons learned: 1) Don't be lazy and repair the tubeless tire and remove the temporary tube following a flat. 2) Realize that this thread may be worthless with out shameless flat picture.


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Yes, this also serves as a reminder for me to buy plugs. I was thwarted recently by a pinhole leak that Stan’s somehow couldn’t seal.


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The Pro1s I had - first set worked great, second set not so much. 28c's barely fit and were plush.

Then I had an issue with several holes not sealing and blowing sealant all over my legs, so back to the 25c Hutchinson's I went.

Here's a photo the original Hutchinson I had before going Pro 1. Still held strong.