Road passing etiquette


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I am not sure I would wave if you were riding a road bike with a downhill matchy-matchy suit:D


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You have shocks and thick tires. Here's my etiquette. If their jersey (who wears those when not racing anyway) matches their bike, i start by allowing my nubs to rub their pretty tires in the back. Then as they pull to the side so i can pass unaffected, i give them a pat on the back and kick em in a ditch. Just kidding, or am i? Id heir jersey matches their shorts i apply the same first tactic, then as i pass i shift their gears on the bike and pull their front break. be sure to swerve left as this will most ikely cause said person to come to a stop an most likely fly a bit.
Enjoy, i want to get out again this weekend in waway but its gonna rain.


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oh i forgot, if their is a group riding at me i wait until just about the last minute and slice across the road pretendin i almost missed my trailhead right in front of the front guy. HAHA, man that gets em goin every time


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riding my road bike last night... some woman is walking her little, fluffy, white (very punt-able) dog. Fluffy see's me, goes ballistic, (the dog can't weigh more then 10 pounds, a real man eater) the woman is holding the dog back.... to save me... she's very concerned....

"Please let the dog go... please"....:rofl:
I laughed out loud, and waved to her; she waved back. All is well in the world:) Fluffy lived.
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