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I'm going to start shopping around for a road bike and would like some opinions. I'll use the bike as a training tool, I'm surely never going to be racing road. However, I very well may use it to do a couple road triathlons each year. I can only afford a low end bike....$1500 is the top of my range.

So, does anyone have any advice as far as buying a road bike versus a tri bike. Like I said, the only racing I'll ever do with it would be a triathlon. Does anyone train on a tri bike or have any opinion on doing so? And, for a low end bike will I get more for my money with a road bike as opposed to a tri bike?


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Get a road bike.

You'll get more bang for the buck bike wise, the bike will get used more. and road bikes handle better then a Tri specific bike.

Then simply get a set of Clip on Tri Bars for the Tri Events


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i second that. for that kinda money i think you would be surprised what you can get. GL on the search!


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Third that. Road bike is more versatile and clip on aero bars or wheels can always be upgraded as budget and needs change. $1500 should get you a great bike!


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Tri-specific bikes often have steep seat tube angles to work with the hips-rolled-forward position for aero bars. As such, you can expect the bike to have a rougher ride and less balanced handling for all around use.

If you intend to only do "a few" multisport events a season, get a road bike. It won't slow you down for races, and it'll be better for everything else.

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Check Roadbike review for some good deals.
Don't go w/ a tri bike unless you are going to do tri only. The frame design is wwwaaaaayyyyyyy to specific for the average Joe.
Like everyone else said get clip on bars for the tri events.


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Road bike for Jersey. You won't find too many straight, flat roads around here. Tri is great, but for time trials only.

You can always put some tri bars on your road bike, but it's not a very comfortable position.
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