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JORBA: Ringwood
In todays session we were able to tackle two projects, a repair and a re-route both on the race course. Re-route tested by Erik, RVCC's official 10 year old trail tester. A big thanks to all the hard working volunteers that came out today and battled off the flies:

Bill Christman
Eileen Dalton
Henry Gozdz
AnnMarie Hunt
Charlie Hunt
Tom Kievit
Mike Kuchorski
Kathy Redl
Mike Revolinsky
Erik Silbernagel
Walter Silbernagel
Tom Stanowski
Art White
Ellen White
Laura Winberry

62 hours total

The blurry spot on the top of the picture is a swarm of flies.


Erik testing the re-route


jorba's new cheetah-bob up and pulling

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This was my first official TM experience; I'll be back for more. It was great to finally meet the people that have helped enrich my riding experiences. Thanks to JORBA and the opportunity to be able to give back to the sport.
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