Ringwood Sun 25th or Memorial Day?


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anyone plan on riding Ringwood this sunday or Memorial Day? When do they start charging entrance fees? Conditions are great little muddy just past the Glasmere houses especially if you stay right.


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They start charging on Memorial Day. Look at the bright side, the fees are going to upkeep the park.


i usually park at the school no matter what time of the year i go now. fastest way to renegade. :D
i would ride tomorrow but i want to go spectate at the US Open. Monday def.


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Justin lets go for monday. I've got a nice loop that Zack showed me...Pauline and I rode it friday. call me later tonight or tomorrow morning....shoot for late morning?


yes. The back entrance on skylands road is closed know so you have to go in past the booths.

Just park in the school. Take Carletondale Rd off the main road instead of Morris. Right at the lake onto Cupsaw (kind of a weird intersection). 2nd or 3rd left I think onto Wanaque terrace. School at end of block. Trail starts to the right of the fence. Stay right up red and make left before bridge to hit renegade.


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I've been parking in there for about 5 years and haven,t heard of anyone being ticketed. As long as we don't abuse the privilage they will probably leave us alone. If you wanna keep the spot open with no problems, keep the place clean and respect the locals. It might also help to drop a dime in the Deli at the lake once in awhile.


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How much is the entrance fee?

$10 per car at Shepherds from opening until 4ish.

$5 per car for Lots A,B & C on weekends and holidays from 8:30 to 4ish

..... or you can purchase a state park pass for $50 a year and enter any state park including down at the shore.
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