Ringwood Saturday


"Sleeveless Joe"
RW Saturday, meet at Lot C, 9:30 wheels down, medium-paced ride.

Probable trailage, for anyone who'd like to catch us enroute would be, 'new' trail to power line, last part of race course to Shep's, then right hit Blueberry, 1st section of Poison Ivy, then Renegade & Schoolhouse.


JORBA: Ringwood
Remember to wear bright colors and make noise, as that is the last day of 6 day shotgun. I bet all the deer will be hanging in the parking lot for cover on Saturday ;)


Crotch Rot
That sounds like an awesome route, eventhough i only have ridden the last part of the race loop. Is the race loop suppose to be easy for this group? I have cleared every section of the race loop but never at one go.


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^ i might be down for a ride monday, depending on the time, i get out of work late (2am) sunday night
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