Ringwood Rumble May 23rd?


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Does anyone know if Ringwood Rumble is happening in 4 weeks? It's in the H2H schedule, but no Bikereg page yet. I messaged H2H on FB, but haven't received a response.



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The word I've heard is that the park is not yet entertaining permit requests. @V-Dub may be able to give you some additional info, but I would assume that the promoters are holding out hope for a bit longer before bagging on it.


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We will not be able to hold a race this spring and the park will not issue permits for the summer months, so maybe we can schedule something for later in the year but that's tbd.
How about Wawayanda, they are supporting events?

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Hey everyone, we are bummed too, but we knew that it was a potential for this year. Yes, we know other parks have started issuing permits and holding events. We have a great relationship with our land managers, we've worked with them for many years., and they've always been supportive of our events. We absolutely respect their decision about permits this spring. They are having unprecedented park usage, are chronically underfunded and understaffed, and are handling this crisis as best they can. We're looking ahead to 2022, and look forward to catching up with everyone soon!
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