Ringwood info.


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My wife and I will be up from Va visiting this weekend and Ringwood is one place that we are considering riding.

We'll be coming from the Boonton area up 287, so it looks to be an hour drive or so.

Are the trails easy to find? Are they marked? Any trail maps at the trail heads?

Feel free to post any suggestions or info.



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try here

There is a little info here:

Skyline Dr. area (just off 287)

Trails are pretty much well marked but you can still find a couple trails here or there that aren't

I don't know what is yours and your wife's skill level, just a heads up, both parks are very challenging. They still offer some fire roads if you want to avoid the rocks ;)

I don't think they are trail maps at the trail heads. Maybe I just never look :D


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should be a half hour or less from boonton, i would imagine. it's 35 minutes or so from stanhope, which is west of boonton.


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Oh, closer than I thought! Very Cool!

Our skill level is pretty good, local trails are pretty steep and rocky along the James River, plus we head to the mountains pretty often.

I'm not too macho, so if I can't clean a section after trying it, walking doesn't bother me. LOL

My motto, "when in doubt, bail out, there is always tomorrow". (Only after giving it an honest try first, of course.)


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Good Deal! The map provided printed out pretty well.
We'll most likely park at the school and ride from there. Most likely earlier Friday morning.

We may be able to squeeze in a few parks in one day before heading back for some Roma's Pizza.

You guys don't know how good you have it with pizza in NJ! In Va, if you call any place and ask for a plain pie, they have ZERO clue and if they get the pie part, they ask, "no cheese or sauce?" :rofl:
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