Ringwood Conditions update 5/22


JORBA: Ringwood
We have had a lot of rain this past week, and I had the chance to check Ringwood yesterday before the 2nd set of showers, and the trails are in great shape. Some standing and running water on the roads as expected.

I have also been advised that Jungle Habitat is very muddy and should be avoided for a few days.

Feel free to post up any reports.:) .... Thanks.


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good to know

Justin and I were going to head up there after we get Sam Hill to sign stuff. But this morning up here in Mahwah it still is wet and the clouds are super grey. Trails are prob even wetter. Ill see if he wants to see IronMan.....oh wait Indian Jones just came out! Even better!!! Tomorrow Im getting out for sure.


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Thanks for the update Pixy

I'm planning on riding tomorrow, great to hear the trails are in good shape :D
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