Rigid Steel Frame for 26" MTB

I am trying to find a "new" rigid steel frame to rebuild an old Rocky Mountain Blizzard (circa 2002?).

I was told to search ebay and am trying that, though I am concerned I will buy something that isn't compatible with the parts I have.

So, I was wondering if anyone out there new of any other ideas. Are there any companies that still make rigid steel frames for 26" wheels?

My motivation is part that I am not in a position to buy a new complete MTB, and part that I am having a hard time letting go of the old configuration.



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Not aware of any new steel 26ers but those should be easy and cheap to find used on the interwebs. You could probably even buy a cheap complete older bike and swap the parts. Nashbar may still sell their generic steel HT in 26" if you want to check.


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not sure I understand, you're not rebuilding a Blizzard if you are getting a new frame.
What size are you looking and does it need to have disc brakes or anyother specific? Someone might have one here
Also you can try 2nd life bikes in Asbury Park, they had lots of steel bikes the last time I was there

btw, what happened to the Blizzard, that it warrants replacement?
Bad wording, I guess...I only referred to the Blizzard to give an idea what I am trying to replace.

The blizzard has a crack in one of the tubes that runs from bottom bracket to the rear wheel. Tried once to have it welded but is beyond repair at this point. So, my goal is to take all the parts I have on that bike (some older stuff, some newer stuff, but all still in very good condition) and build a new steel hardtail. I have disc brakes in the front, but not in the back, though the wheel set I have could support that on the new build. I am looking for 19" or L, I guess.

Thanks for the tip on 2nd life bikes.


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Cotic makes their Bfe model in 26" still. Modern geo and features on a steel 26er. Not really what the OP might be looking for, but cool bikes just the same. 26er aggro hardtail are a thing in the UK. Should be here as well.
Thanks for all the leads. Cotic seems like it might be an option. Surly troll also seems like it could work though technically not an Mtbnj. Still searching these other sites too. Thanks.