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IS ringwood ridable without studded tires?

I think Not:
Just back from Ringwood. COMPLETE SHEET OF ICE!!! Was challenging with studs. Slip and slide go boom. So regardless of Ben's kick himself for not riding theory, I kicked myself for riding as well. :cry:

It started snowing around 11:00, but was barely sticking. I drove out of the snow on the way home. In HoHokus now it is lightly snowing. For an update later see not sober or winter sports threads.

Head to Back Beach and spin around those trails. ;)


JORBA: Ringwood
I have not been up To Ringwood since Saturday, but the recent report is that the crust on top of the snow will not support bikes and makes riding quite difficult. More snow today, so I'm not sure what the next week will be like.


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Rode Ringwood today. Lot's of snow but fireroads are not that bad, and I didn't have studs.

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