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Ok, Well I Dont Really Like Allaire. Im More Into Freeride And Downhill. So Is There Any Stunts Here ? I Know There Is The Trail With The Bridges (that I Cant Find) But Im Gonna Try Again To Find It. So It There Any Jumps, Or Nice Tree Rides Or Skinies ? Anything ?


i was just there on sunday and, while it is mostly winding singletrack with rooted ups and downs, we did find a few big jumps. there's a couple of small ones (1-4 foot drops) and one big ol' drop (gotta be something like 20 feet). i think it's along the white trail. you end up coming out of the woods and riding along a large open sandy-type area. if you keep riding along it to the left, you'll find a big hill with 2 or 3 jump spots on it. there's a trail back into the woods right by the jumps, so it would be perfect to pick up some speed out of that trail and drop into the clearing. if i had some better protection (full helmet and some shin guards) i would have considered taking the drop...even with my hardtail. the drop isn't that steep, but with speed and proper alignment you could easily catch some huge air and come down 15 feet or so. it's a little loose (small rocks and tight sand), but i would imagine it's totally awesome.
also, right past the jumps there's a cool winding singletrack with deep drops on either side to make navigations much more interesting.

anyway, i thought much the same about allaire on my first 2 or 3 rides, but after sunday, there's a lot of fun stuff there...and miles and miles of trails to discover. just don't get stuck behind the golf course ;)


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