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Anyone have a recommendation for riding shorts..not the spandex type (that's what I have now). I've seen cargo-type shorts advertised in magazines. Any pros and cons vs. the spandex-type? :eek:

NJ Jess

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more is better

Hey Alex! When you go out to ride throughout New Jersey, you will notice a lot of different styles. Eight out of 10 mountainbikers I ride with opt for the classic black tight cycling shorts. The more panels the better. 8 vs. 6. (Those are the plush cushions in the seat area.) Bagges are good if you do a lot of downhilling or go into stores in your biking gear. Hope to see you again at Lewis Morris. NJ Jess


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I can't do the tight shorts. They just aren't me! I have baggies with padded liners and then suit me perfectly. Plus, I don't feel like I'm all out there. ;)


Ok - so what are "Bagges" or "baggies"?...I think we need an MTBNJ glossary with all you pros! :p

Hey Jess - I'll be running more this season so i don't stop every 5 mins behind you at Lewis Morris. :eek:


Or you could just wear the tight ones with regular shorts over them. I do that for the road rides. I just can't bring myself to wear only the tight stuff in public.



Tighter is (perfered) performance / somewhat unfashionable in civilization
Bag-ie can get hooked up on the saddle / but looks & feels cooler (on & off)
(the trail)

I prefer over-alls cause they stay in place (don't ride low)(even though thats the hip thing with kids today)
If there (ever) were bag-ie over-alls / I would ride em / the straps could go under your jersey (so not visable)

Seams in the crotch of either any short could create problems

spare the details of "nopants" / bottom line lesson learned - alway keep (all your gear) ready to go
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