Riding near Bethesda, MD



Hello lads and lasses,

I'm heading to Bethesda in a couple of weeks - got a 3-day meeting there. I was considering driving down with the bike and wanted to know if anyone could recomend some trails that I could dabble in.

If the trails are mid-way then I'd stop on my drive back but hopefully someone has some knowledge of trails near Bethesda.

Thanks loads,



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white clay/middlerun, iron hill and fair hill are around the md/de border, near newark and all are only minutes off of 95.


Great responses - thanks you lot!

I've heard a lot about Fair Hill on the forum here so may give that a blast. So who knows about Fair Hill then, and can give me some info? Pretty Please?


Fountainhead is to the southwest of the beltway near Manassas, so it might be a half hour drive, but I love biking there and you don't need a guide at all. It's a fast well marked 8-mile loop with lots of flow and climbs. My in-laws live in Dumfries so I'm down there every couple months, and I always bring the bike and ride there. I've also ridden Quanitco, though it's not as good. Check the More forums (www.more-mtb.org) for lots of great info.
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