riding location help!


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i live in monmotuh county and my sister and bro in law live in east stroudsburg near the delware river gap. we are looking for a centralized place to meet and go riding. my sister and my girlfriend are both beginngers and me and my bro in law are intermediate riders. so we are looking for a beginner friendly location somewhere in the middle of here and there to ride together. help a brother out!!! thanks


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Deer Park is in Allamuchy, Exit 19 off Route 80, very beginner friendly with nice single track. Also Kittatinny or Malon would be a good choice.


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yeah, lewis morris is probably your best bet. there is a decent amount of climbing in the park but technically it's pretty tame. it's also pretty centrally located.


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LM is good fun. i like to compare LM to a rollercoaster. all of the climbs are rewarded with smooth fast downhills. i just went there recently (i hadn't been there in a while) and i had a blast - i forgot how fun the place is. whenever i take a beginner out i take them to lewis morris.
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